BioCultura experience & store opening ahead

After months of working on our PASSION ANIMAL project, our stand at BioCultura Barcelona from May 9-12 was our first real experience in the "field". And it was an amazing experience! Thanks for all the support, interest in our project, constructive criticism and input and of course for letting us have our first sales :D 

We learned a lot from these days and hopefully can use that in making our Barcelona store a place that offers what you expect from it. We try to offer a no-frills, but friendly environment with products that are as accessible as possible for many while keeping an eye on fair trade and product quality as well of course.

We hope you will continue to support our project and continue to give us input whenever you like something, have some doubts or simply want to share a good idea or your passion about animals :-)

Our preliminary store opening is planned for May 21. We hope to see you at our store close to Estacio de Franca from that day onwards every Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 09.30pm.

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