Who and what's behind PASSION ANIMAL


We are Marianne, Marta and Markus, three animal lovers who created PASSION ANIMAL to share our passion for animals and promote respect for animals. We chose the name PASSION ANIMAL because it represents two of our strongest beliefs:

  • That we as humans are PASSION ANIMALS ourselves, who are capable not only of amazing intellectual feats, but can achieve even more if we let us guide by our passion.
  • That we should apply that PASSION to ANIMALS and see them as part of our family :-)

With PASSION ANIMAL we hope to help to spread these beliefs and offer people who share our beliefs a place where they can shop 100% vegan clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics, without the need to read the labels and have to worry about what to pick from the shelves. But PASSION ANIMAL should also be a place to enjoy the beauty of animals with wonderful books about animals, as well as small exhibitions and events.

If you have more suggestions on what we should offer, we are always happy to hear from you!

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